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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

Advertising Strategy

At ecastica we believe in the true value of the brand, product or service. Being successful is not just about creative advertisements. It’s about correct market analysis, preparation of strategy and action plan so that a successful advertising strategy is achieved for the client. Our clients respect the agency for its practical approach, no matter what the budget or how great the challenge.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is taking over everything we do – and with good reason. It is live, adoptable, massive and measurable! However it’s not just about “pretty banners” or "fancy landing pages." It’s about creating powerful, digital Marketing strategies that maximize our clients’ budgets and results. From the creation of powerful ad campaigns to web page and blog development as well as social media, we know how to best integrate your overall branding and messaging into online programs designed to maximize your profitability.

Integrated Media Strategies

Media has changed. When brands do not have massive media budgets, they have to think differently. It’s not just TV, radio, print or outdoor anymore. Media has become a fluid, organic and creative, incorporating the right mix of digital, traditional and guerrilla media strategies. 


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a critical component of Digital Marketing. We help you bring powerful ideas to life so you can efficiently connect with your customers.Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ strategiesOriginal content creationFan buildingPromotion and contestsSocial monitoring, analysis and reporting


Branding & Identity

Your brand identity is how your business looks and feels. This is what distinguishes your business from the rest. Your brand identity must represent clearly your brand values, personality traits and aspirations. Designing a brand identity is not just about finding the right fonts, colours or symbols. It’s all about creating an engaging brand that will be memorable in the mind of the consumer. At Ecastica, we have the experience and expertise to help your company develop a strong identity that will connect your brand to your customers.


Event Planning

Creativity and professionalism are two things you definitely need when you want to organize an unforgettable event. At Ecastica we can organize your corporate or social event from start to finish; whether this is a conference, a client gathering, an employee party, or a promotional event. We conceptualize and implement events of all sizes and calibers. We have the knowledge and strategic relationships that allow us to execute clever and well-organized events that will impress your guests. Let us organize your business event and feel assured that you will only have pleasant surprises.


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